Student’s Book Review.

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Dear Mrs Geilings and Mrs Blythe,

I have written to you about, the book you gave me, called Prattle House, 1415 by Margaret A. Rowe and I am pleased to inform you that in my opinion, you should definitely purchase this book for our ever growing school library. Here are my opinions on the book.
Well, firstly to start off with, before I even turned a page the book stood out in a vibrant purple, which I think is essential to all books, because after all, I know a lot of students do judge a book it’s cover and it will appeal more to them as it stands out. Then after reading the blurb, I realised this was personally, right up my alley as my favourite type of books are historical fiction. As I started to read, I became gripped to the enchanted storyline, which was a mix of fantasy, history and realistic fiction. I think the thing that made it the most gripping was probably the fact that it was set right here, right in Melbourne and was about two children approximately the same age as me and most of the senior students in our school, which was a pleasant change to two five year olds bounding around in the English countryside or three gossiping teens at an American diner in Los Angeles, because this was something we could all connect to in our everyday life. The story was set, briefly in the city of Melbourne, then native bush near Swan Hill and Mildura, which are all places I’ve been before, so the settings were very familiar, which helped me visualise and connect. The twins (a girl, Elizabeth and a boy , William) being the same age as me also helped me connect and I loved how they each had their own personality and hilarious thoughts in general and on what a Grandma should be like and in the end, their Grandma was completely different, unique and fun in her own way. I would love there to be another book in the series, so the readers can explore different times as I think medieval times was a bit typical and the period in time is common in many books, although done well in this one. I loved the discoveries and twists and turns in the book and think it would be suitable in our library for both girls and boys as there is a girl twin and a boy twin and the topics and themes (including medieval) would appeal, in my thoughts to both girls and boys.
Yours sincerely, Bianca

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